Pressure Washing Utah
 Nobody Gets Your Sidewalks Cleaner!
A clean white sidewalk, devoid of gum, grease, stains and graffiti is the nicest welcome mat you can put out for your customers. And nobody gets your cement surfaces cleaner than we do! We’re not just talking about a quick spray down with barely more pressure than your garden hose. Real cleaning takes a multi step process with equipment specifically designed for the job.

 Our Pressure Wash Procedures:

  1. We determine what kinds of stains are present and apply the appropriate detergent.
  2. A hot water surface cleaner is used to scrub the sidewalk. This process activates the detergent, lifts dirt and debris from the surface, and loosens stubborn stains.
  3. We clean with a high temperature, high pressure wand. Extra attention is paid to tough stains, gum and grease spots as we transform your sidewalk areas into the welcoming front porch your business was intended to have.

Fuel Islands & Drive Thru Areas
Fuel islands and drive-thru areas get a similar treatment with extra attention paid to the stubborn grease and oil stains common in those areas. When needed, Birrell Services reclaims used water, picking up oil and grease, and blocking these contaminants from flowing down stream and polluting our precious environment. We operate the most meticulously maintained, top of the line trailer mounted equipment in the pressure washing industry.

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