Not All Parking Lots Are the Same
Do you have a little parking area littered with lots of leafs? No problem. Large lot, riddled with rocks and gravel? Got it covered. Poor drainage creating a muddy mess in the back corner? We’ll take care of it. Whatever problems plague your parking lot – special one-time clean up needs or regularly scheduled upkeep, Birrell Services makes it right.

The Right Equipment for the Job
Our sweepers have side gutter brooms to closely follow the contour of islands, medians and parking bumpers or provide extra scrubbing for caked on debris. Efficient water nozzles provide dust dampening control and high power suction heads and auxiliary hoses pick up anything from leaves and trash, cups and cans, to heavy dirt, sand and rocks.

 Details, Details, Details..
Lot sweeping includes blowout service from the front of your store and tough to reach corners, nooks and crannies. Cigarette butts, wrappers and debris are blown out into the parking lot prior to sweeping to ensure a clean uncluttered sidewalk area.

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