Shopping Cart Repair

Thump, Thump, Thump . . .

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Is there anything more annoying than thumping down the isle with a broken shopping cart? Carts take a beating, and customers don’t like dirty, squeaky, “thumping- down-the-aisles” shopping carts. With Birrell Services shopping cart repair, carts will roll smoothly, quietly, and in a straight line — just like they’re supposed to!

    We check each cart in your inventory for the following:

  • Handle – missing, cracked, or broken handles are replaced with new, store specific correct colored handles.
  • Seat – problem seats can cause discomfort or injury to a child and are replaced with the appropriate replacement seat.
  • Seatbelt – broken seatbelts are replaced with new color coded belts to ensure the safety of toddlers.
  • Gate – checked for action so carts nest correctly.
  • Basket – inspected for broken metal wires or damaged plastic.
  • Frame – straight frames are ensured for smooth handling and proper nesting with other carts.
  • Welds – metal frames are check for weak or broken welds and corrected on site.
  • Back wheels and horns — inspect horn for proper alignment, examine wheels for flat spots and unobstructed spinning on rear axles.
  • Front wheels and castors – check that castor is seated properly in frame, inspect castor bearings for smooth turning, examine wheels for flat spots and easy rolling on axle.
  • Cleaning – plastics are pre-soaked before high temp pressure washing to ensure carts are as clean and ready for your customers.

More Than Shopping Carts

Bakery Racks Shopping Cart Repair

In addition to shopping cart repair, Birrell Services carries all necessary wheels and castors to repair your bakery carts, meat carts, utility and stocking carts. And we do it all overnight to eliminate inconvenience for customers and minimize down time in your store.

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